We know back and neck pain is tough to deal with — that’s why the Back Coach is here to help. This program, developed by Penn State Spine Center, is designed to provide you with the information, resources, and support you need to understand, cope with, and manage your pain.

Here you will find information from our Spine Center experts about what causes back and neck pain, how to manage your pain, alternative therapies, back surgery, and more. You can also ask our experts questions through the “Ask an Expert” form.

In addition to these resources, we also offer you the BackTracker app, which allows you to track and manage your back and neck pain. With MyCoach, you can track your pain in relation to the activities you did that day and record how it affected your daily routine. You can also track any activities that helped ease your pain, such as exercises and therapies. A big part of dealing with back and neck pain is understanding what is causing your pain and knowing what works to alleviate this pain. MyCoach can help you monitor and track the pain you experience.

MyCoach also allows you to sign up for emails from the Back Coach with additional back health information and helpful reminders to keep you feeling great.